The Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel was founded in 1963. It today comprises over 100 members - furniture manufacturers and national and international supplier companies - who have voluntarily agreed to meet DGM requirements under the RAL quality system. These requirements not only cover durability and faultless functioning, but also include consumer health and safety and the environmental compatibility of the production process. Every one of these factors is closely examined by independent testing institutes.

The German Furniture Quality Assurance Association deals with the following tasks:

Quality is our Mission and Goal

The Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. (DGM), the German furniture quality assurance association, is based in Fürth, Germany. It deals principally with the topic of furniture quality, as the quality of a piece of furniture strongly impacts on quality of life in the home. The reliability of a quality standard depends on various factors. »more

The Golden 'M'

Whether BSE, Nitrofen or foot-and-mouth disease - recent scandals such as these have lent emphasis to the call for product labelling and consumer protection. However, at best, the labelling of a product serves as a pacifier. Reliable safety can only be guaranteed if requirements are not unrealistic, and meet people's needs. »more

Healthy Living - DGM Commitment

The concept of quality encompasses more than mere product durability. The 'human quality factor' plays a very important role, too, as far as the DGM and its members are concerned. This includes the health compatibility of a piece of furniture and the raw materials used in its production, as well as the environmental soundness. »more