The Golden "M"

Whether BSE, Nitrofen or foot-and-mouth disease - recent scandals such as these have lent emphasis to the call for product labelling and consumer protection. However, at best, the labelling of a product serves as a pacifier. Reliable safety can only be guaranteed if requirements are not unrealistic, and meet people's needs. The DGM's comprehensive quality concept, with its quality assurance and certification regulations and comprehensive testing procedures, take these aspects into account. What about the Quality Mark as such, though, how is that protected?

To guard against misappropriation of the 'Golden M', the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft has incorporated a few simple but effective safety measures. Fundamentally, the following always applies: 

  • The quality assurance and certification of furniture is deposited and monitored at the administrative office of the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel. Verification of the quality assurance "Golden M" is documented in the so-called certification license.

  • Traders are permitted to advertise the fact that they supply furniture which has been awarded the Quality Mark. However, both advertising materials and showroom display may feature the Quality Mark only in connection with the products that have actually been awarded the mark.