The tests required for the RAL-mark, are exacting: the neutral furniture testing laboratory thoroughly tests furniture. The furniture passes a whole life span in quick motion. It is subjected to hits, kicks, heat, humidity, light. Thereafter the furniture must still look correctly and be functional.

The next tests take place in the climatic chamber  formaldehyde, pcp, voc’s biozydes – the list of noxious substances for which each piece of furniture is very carefully checked, is very long. None of the rigid limits must be exceeded, otherwise a loud alarm clock starts ringing.

When all tests have been passed, the manufacturer must prove that the subsequent production conforms to all the rigorous requirements imposed. Further tests, controls and check-ups follow. Only when the DGM is absolutely certain that the tested furniture is a quality product through and through, the RAL quality mark for furniture is issued.

The RAL quality mark for furniture offers the importer a unique assurance, which is also unique for Germany. The quality and testing regulation RAL-GZ 430,  which governs the tests for the RAL mark, is the basis for the DGM certificates and can be fully relied upon by the importer. Furniture which carries the RAL quality mark, is of good quality, in no way endangers the health of the user and,at the same time,protects the environment.Experts in the matter fully confirm this.